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We specialize in kinesiology tape and offer a complete selection of rolls, bulk rolls, precut strips and precut applications from all major brands. We promise same day shipping for all orders placed by 1 pm CST.

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What's New

NeuroStructural Kinesiology Taping DVD

Kinesiology Taping DVD

NeuroStructural Kinesiology Taping is a 2-DVD set with 5 hrs of step-by-step instructions for health professionals. Over 50 applications... More

StrengthTape Ion Infusaed Kinesiology Tape by LifeStrength

StrengthTape with Ions

StrengthTape contains negative ion technology for added benefits. Made by LifeStrength, creator of the popular energy- balance bracelets...  More

RockTape Precut Edema Strips

RockTape Edema Strips

Relieve swelling and bruising with RockTape's new Edema Strips. Each box contains 20 precut strips, 4" wide x 10" long with 5 "fingers" ...    More

Kold-Rite Cold Therapy Compression Wrap

Cold Therapy Tape

Gel-infused wrap provides cold therapy and compression, even at room temperature. Reuse up to 20X, compatible with kinesiology tape ... More


Latest Blog News

  1. How to Cut and Apply a Fan Strip of Kinesiology Tape

    What is a Fan Strip? A fan strip, or edema strip, is a length of kinesiology tape that is solid at one end with 3-4 longitudnal cuts to create 4-6 narrow strips, or tails. Some...

  2. How Kinesiology Tape Helps with Lymphatic Drainage

    What is the Lymphatic System? Similar to the circulatory system of blood vessels that carry blood, the lymphatic system consists of lymph vessels that carry lymphatic fluid....


What Is Kinesiology Tape?

What is Kinesiology Tape, Physio Tape, K TapeKinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy therapeutic tape that can relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, provide support to joints and muscles, and enhance athletic performance. Best known as a sports tape for injured athletes, it is also used extensively in healthcare settings to treat a wide variety of conditions and to speed recovery after surgery.

Unlike traditional athletic tape or medical tape that is non-elastic and restrictive, kinesiology tape, also known as physio tape or K tape, is light, thin and flexible. Rather than being wrapped tightly around joints, kinesiology tape is applied directly over or around the borders of muscles and joints. This alllows it to provide support to an injured area while still permitting full range of motion.

The hypo-allergenic, acrylic adhesive is applied in a wave pattern, allowing moisture to dissipate quickly, even after showering, swimming or sweating. Comfortable and easy to wear, most applications can be worn from 3-5 days.

Physio tape comes in rolls, precut strips and precut applications for specific parts of the body. Regardless of your knowledge of kinesiology taping techniques, there is a K tape that will work for you!  Research and clinical experience have shown that kinesiology taping can:

  • Relieve acute or chronic pain
  • Reduce inflammation, swelling, edema
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce fatigue in overused muscles
  • Prevent/relieve muscle cramps or spasms
  • Support without restricting range of motion
  • Accelerate healing after injuries or surgery
  • Prevent overstretching  of injured muscles
  • Restore strength to weak or injured muscles
  • Improve mobility/flexibility in injured areas
  • Enhance muscle tone in weak muscles
  • Correct muscle or posture imbalances
  • Provide benefits 24/7 the entire time it’s worn
  • Enhance benefits of other therapies

Visit the Theratape Education Center for detailed information about kinesiology tape and kinesiology taping techniques.