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Kinesio Tape

Created almost 40 years ago by Dr. Kenzo Kase of Japan, Kinesio Tape was a revolutionary alternative to rigid medical tapes that restricted movement and compromised circulation. Today, Kinesio remains at the forefront of the taping industry with its products being used worldwide in both athleticsand the medical field. Its ability to quickly relieve pain and inflammation have made it a favorite therapeutic modality for injuries, overuse syndromes, recovery from surgery and even the aches and pains of everyday living.

Light and elastic with the same thickness as human skin, Kinesio Tape integrates naturally with the body's neurosensory system, rapidly relieving pain and inflammation. Rather than being wrapped tightly around an injured area, the KinesioTaping method involves applying the tape around the borders or directly over injured muscles or joints. This allows it to provide support and therapeutic benefits without restricting range of motion - a critical factor for athletes needing to remain active as they recover from injuries. Unlike traditional athletic tape or sports tape which can only be worn for brief periods of time, KinesioTape applications are generally worn for 3-5 days. This allows the therapeutic benefits to continue, 24/7, the entire time it's worn.

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