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Kinesio Fan Cuts

Kinesio Fan CutsPioneered by Kinesio Tex over 30 years ago, fan taping is one of the most effective modalities to enhance lymphatic drainage for relief of swelling, edema, bruising, and even the severe swelling of lymphedema. And now, Kinesio's precut Fan Cuts have eliminated the need for intricate cutting to create the distinctive 'tails' associated with fan taping.

Whether you have swelling from an acute injury or the symptoms of chronic lymphoedema, Kinesio's fan cuts are an easy to apply, at-home treatment. With none of the discomfort of compression wraps or garments, each application can be worn 3-5 days, providing relief 24/7, the entire time it is worn.

Kinesio Precut Fan Strips are available in two sizes - 2" x 12" (5 cm x 30 cm) and 3" x 12" (8 cm x 30 cm). The narrower 2" strips are precut into 5 separate tails and are available in all four standard Kinesio colors - beige, black, blue and pink. The wider 3" strips are pre-cut cut into 8 individual tails and are available only in beige.

The backing of each strip has cut lines clearly marked, allowing the size to be customized for any body part on any individual. Strips can be applied singly or in combination to create the most effective lymphatic drainage taping for any condition.

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