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Buy any 2 rolls of Ares Tape and receive a free 115 page Ares Taping Guide with illustrated taping instructions for over 90 injuries and health conditions. A $12.99 value, free with the purchase of 2 rolls! (Limit 1 per order)

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Wildly popular RockTape is a bestseller among consumers, athletes and clinicians alike. Aside from it's radical assortment of almost 40 colors and patterns, RockTape's superior features include:

  • A tighter weave – provides enhanced support for injured or working muscles and joints
  • Extra elasticity – promotes “snap back,” helping working muscles contract and relax more effectively
  • Superior adhesive – provides up to 5 days of therapeutic and performance enhancing benefits, even under the toughest conditions

RockTape can accelerate recovery from injuries AND enhance sports performance. The biomechanical lifting action of the tape relieves pain and enhances blood flow for better delivery of oxygen and faster removal of lactic acid. This translates directly into faster recovery from both injuries and intense exercise. In addition, RockTape’s patented PowerTaping protocol enhances muscle activation for more powerful and efficient movement.

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