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Leader in Innovative Kinesiology Taping Products

SpiderTech is known for the development of unique and innovative kinesiology taping products. In 2009, they were the first to introduce precut kinesiology tape when they unveiled a complete line of precut kinesiology tape applications or "Spiders" for specific body parts. For the first time, consumers could buy kinesiology tape and apply it effectively, without special training.

Another product line unique to SpiderTech is SpiderTech Gentle - the first kinesiology taping products formulated especially for individuals with sensitive or fragile skin. A special gel-like adhesive is available on SpiderTech's entire product line,  SpiderTech's latest innovation, SpiderTech PowerStrips, provides SpiderTape in convenient strips, already precut into the most commonly used formats.

Spider Tech Tape is made from Nitto Denko Tape - the original kinesiology tape from Japan. In addition to their precuts, SpiderTech also offers tape in single and bulk sized uncut rolls, and in PowerStrips - precut X, Y and I strips that are ready to apply..

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