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SpiderTech Gentle

Kinesiology Taping Breakthrough for Sensitive Skin

SpiderTech Gentle for Sensitive Skin

SpiderTech Gentle has been developed especially for individuals with sensitive or fragile skin, including infants and seniors. Its patented new "Stratagel" adhesive  is latex-free, hypoallergenic and applied to soft, breathable cotton material.

Why Use SpiderTech Gentle?

  • obtain the benefits of kinesiology taping without discomfort
  • greatly reduces irritation, itching and redness of the skin in taped areas
  • less discomfort and/or skin damage when tape is removed
  • tape can be applied continuously without requiring a break to allow skin to recover
  • perfect for everyone with sensitive skin, including the elderly, infants and children

SpiderTech Gentle Specifications

  • available in all SpiderTech Precut applications and SpiderTape rolls
  • SpiderTech Gentle products are priced the same as regular SpiderTech products
  • SpiderTech Gentle products come in light beige only

About SpiderTech Gentle

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