PowerTaping–Taping Movements, Not Muscles

powertaping-sprinterRockTape has introduced a revolutionary approach to performance kinesiology taping called PowerTaping™. Based on a “kinetic chain” approach to movement, PowerTaping is designed to reinforce the entire neuromuscular component of athletic performance. Rather than providing support to an isolated joint or muscle group, PowerTaping reinforces the entire chain of muscles, joints and nervous system components responsible for a movement pattern.

The result? Enhanced efficiency of movement, structural reinforcement of motor patterns, and improved fluid dynamics all contribute to reduced fatigue, faster recovery and improved biomechanical function.

Benefits of Power Taping

  • powertaping-for-cyclingDelayed onset of fatigue
  • More rapid recovery during and after exercise
  • Improved flexibility/range of motion in tight muscles
  • Relief of swelling, edema and bruising
  • Stronger activation of weak, injured or imbalanced muscle groups
  • Regained coordination in weak or injured muscle groups
  • Correction of muscle imbalances
  • Regained speed after injury or overuse
  • Enhanced muscle activation (timing)
  • Relief from muscle inhibition following injury or overuse

The PowerTaping Manual

PowerTaping Manual by RockTape

The manual, “PowerTaping – Taping Movements, not Muscles,” is a one-of-a-kind resource, providing a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of performance taping. It introduces and illustrates the four major performance chains (front chain, back chain, lateral chain and functional chain). It also provides instructions for taping sport-specific performance chains for running, swimming, throwing, cycling and kicking. Instructions are also provided for a series of functional assessments for posture, range of motion and strength within each kinetic chains.

PowerTaping was written to educate athletic trainers and therapists on the principles and techniques of PowerTaping with kinesiology tape. It uses medical and kinesiological terminology that may be difficult to understand for individuals with no background in anatomy or physiology. The illustrations and photographs, however, are clear and understandable, and could enable untrained individuals to apply RockTape successfully, even without a full grasp of the science.

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