SpiderTech PowerStrips

SpiderTech PowerStrips Precut Kinesiology Tape StripsPowerStrips are precut strips of SpiderTech Tape, already cut in the most widely-used taping configurations – the X Strip, the Y Strip and the I Strip. PowerStrips combine the ease of precut applications with the versatility of rolls. Use them for minor injuries that need just a strip or two of kinesiology tape or to enhance one of SpiderTech’s precut applications for specific body parts. PowerStrips can also be used to create custom tapings for individuals too small or too large for precut applications.

Faster than cutting from scratch from a roll of tape, and easier to duplicate. No wasted tape from cutting and trimming. Because all edges are machine cut, applications made from Spider Tech Power Strips last longer with less fraying.

Power Strips are available in all 4 Spider Tech colors (beige, black, blue, pink). They are also available in SpiderTech Gentle with SpiderTech’s patented Stratagel adhesive, formulated especially for individuals with sensitive or fragile skin. These strips are especially useful for taping infants and children.

They come in a convenient accordion-pack that can is easy to carry and store. Simply tear off the number of strips you need, and apply – no cutting or trimming is necessary.

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SpiderTech PowerStrips - Y-Strips - Front and Back ViewSpiderTech PowerStrips - I-Strips - Front and Back ViewSpiderTech PowerStrips - X-Strips - Front and Back View