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SpiderTech Tape at a Glance

FormatsSpiderTech Tape SpiderTape

Single Rolls–2″ x 16.6′
Regular or Gentle Adhesive


Black, Blue, Pink, Beige


Regular: 100% Cotton with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive
Gentle: 100% cotton with patented Stratagel™ adhesive


Single Rolls: $12.99
Quantity discounts available


Can be worn during exercise, swimming, showering or bathing
Regular Adhesive – applications can be worn 4-5 days
Gentle Adhesive – applications can be worn 3-4 days


A variety of instruction manuals and DVD’s are available for both novice kinesiology tapers and trained health professionals. These manuals contain detailed information about kinesiology taping techniques for a wide variety of injuries and health conditions. High quality illustrations and photographs make the instructions easier to understand and follow. These manuals are highly recommended for anyone planning to use kinesiology tape rolls.

The SpiderTech Story

Although SpiderTech is a relatively new brand of kinesiology tape, it is made from Nitto Denko Tape – the original kinesiology tape developed in Japan over 35 years ago. It is still manufactured in Japan, with stringent quality control procedures in place to ensure optimal quality, durability and benefits.

SpiderTape is made from soft, breathable, high-grade cotton with a hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive. It contains no latex or medicinal ingredients. The adhesive is applied to the tape in a gentle wave pattern that allows moisture to easily flow from the tape.  This enables it to adhere to the body through sweating, swimming or showering. Most applications can be worn for up to 5 days.

In addition to the regular acrylic adhesive, SpiderTech Tape is also available in SpiderTech Gentle, with the patented Stratagel™ adhesive formulated especially for sensitive skin.

Additional Information

Printable Application Tips Handout

12 Application Principles Video

How Kinesiology Tape Works

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