Babies with Hypotonia

posted by Tape Expert @ 17:08 PM
May 24, 2010

“My son has hypotonia due to mitochondrial deficiency. At 1 year of age, he still could not sit or crawl… His PT suggested trying Kinesio® Taping, so we did. Well…it was a miracle for him. We began taping every two weeks leaving it on for 6 days. At 13 months he was sitting, 15 months commando crawling, then regular crawling at 17 months, and finally walking at 18-19 months. The only word I can use is miraculous. His hypotonia has gone from severe to mild. Thank you so much for this product and I hope you get it out to more childrens’ PT’s and OT’s … Again I cannot say enough wonderful things about this invention.”

—Wendy Dinwiddie, TX

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