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  • 10 Uses for Kinesiology Tape X-Strips
    10 Ways to Use Kinesiology Tape X-Strips

    X-strips are the quick-relief strips of the kinesiology taping world. They begin as strips of tape with lengthwise cuts extending from each end toward a solid center section. When the ‘tails’ on each end are separated and applied to the skin, the taping resembles an X. For fast pain relief, … Read more

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  • K Tape Facts Infographic Header
    Kinesiology Tape – The Facts

    When kinesiology tape was first displayed on the scantily clad bodies of athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, very few people had any idea what it was. Some thought it was a new type of tattoo, while others thought it was a part of the team uniforms. Over the next … Read more

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  • Where to Get Custom Private-Label Kinesiology Tape
    How to Get Your Own Private-Label Custom Kinesiology Tape

    Kinesiology Tape with Your Own Logo! Did you know that you can have private-label custom kinesiology tape with your logo on it for a lower cost per roll than regular tape from the leading brands? Theratape’s private label program is unique in the industry, with a minimum order quantity of … Read more

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