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Precut Kinesio Tape - Knee
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Precut Kinesio Tape applications are made from strips of Kinesio Tex Tape, pre-cut into shapes and sizes for specific body parts. Each convenient 3" x 7" foil packet contains enough tape for 1 or 2 single-use applications, plus application instructions. Each strip has been precut with smooth edges and rounded ends. The backing is perforated for easier application, and also has cutting guides for making size adjustments.

The Kinesio Tape Knee precut application consists of two I-strips and one Y-strip. Two I-strips are applied along either side of the spine, while the third strip is applied horizontally across the most painful area.

Indications: Designed to relieve knee pain and provide patellar support. Conditions addressed include patellofemoral pain syndrome, runners knee, jumpers knee, cartilage injuries and more..

Contents: The Kinesio Tape Knee precut kit contains one 11" blue I-strip, one 12" black I-strip and one 11" black Y-strip - enough for one single-use application.

Application Instructions and Video: click Additional Info tab.

UPC: 5060241710026

Application Instructions - Kinesio Precut Knee Tape

Printable Instructions

Kinesio Tape Precut Knee Application Instructions

Instruction Video - Kinesio Precut Back Application

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