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Kinesiology Tape for Neck and Upper Back Pain

Kinesiology Tape for Neck and Upper Back PainPain in the neck, top of the shoulders and upper back is difficult to treat becaise the area is constantly moving and cannot be rested. Kinesiology tape is an ideal treatment because it can be applied directly over the painful area and provides therapeutic benefits as the user continues with daily activities. The gentle lifting action of the tape relieves pressure on irritated pain receptors under the skin, as well as enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. As pain and inflammation recede, tight, spasmed muscles can relax, interrupting the vicious pain-spasm-pain cycle that is characteristic of neck and upper back problems.

The products below are precut kinesiology taping applications designed specifically for the neck, upper shoulder area and the upper back.  Although effective applications can be created from any type of kinesiology tape, many people prefer the simplicity and convenience of these ready-to-apply precut kits. Any of the items listed below can be used to relieve pain and accelerate recovery from a wide variety of conditions causing neck and upper back pain, including:

  • pain, stiffness and spasms in the neck, upper shoulder area and between the shoulder blades
  • support for strained or fatigued neck nuscles
  • weak or imbalanced neck muscles
  • arthritis, bursitis or cervical disc disease
  • torticollis
  • recovery after neck surgery

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