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Kinesiology TapeKinesiology tape is a thin, elastic tape that was developed in Japan over 35 years ago. It remained relatively obscure until the 2008 Olympics, when it was worn by a number of high profile athletes and caught the attention of the world. Since then, the use of kinesiology tape has exploded worldwide. In addition to the sports arena, it is now used extensively by health professionals, including physicians, physical therapists, lymphatic therapists and chiropractors. Originally available only in small rolls and a limited selection of colors, the variety of types of kinesiology tape has grown as rapidly as its uses. More recently, the development of user-friendly applications has turned kinesiology taping into a cost-effective home remedy that can be effectively used by consumers with no medical knowledge. 

This wide range of users with varying levels of knowledge and skill has fueled the development of new and innovative types of kinesiology tape. Small rolls, large rolls, precut strips and precut applications for different body parts are now available in a rapidly-growing assortment of colors and patterns. In addition, instruction manuals, textbooks and DVD's are now available to help anyone learn how to apply k-tape effectively, regardless of their level of expertise.

Types of Kinesiology Tape