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Precut Strips

K Tape Precut Strips - The Ultimate in Convenience

K Tape Precut StripsPrecut strips make kinesiology taping faster and more convenient by eliminating the need to use scissors to cut rolls of tape. Because they are machine cut with rounded corners, precut strips have less fraying than kinesiology tape cut with scissors.

Kinesiology tape precut strips are made in a variety of widths, lengths and configurations. Depending on the brand, strip length varies from 5 - 12" and width from 1 - 4". The most common configurations are X, Y and I, as well as precut edema strips, which are specially designed to relieve swelling, edema and lymphedema. For your convenience, Theratape also offers samplers containing small quantities of strips and/or an assortment of sizes and brands.

  • single rolls of tear-off strips - StrengthTape
  • packs or boxes of X, Y and I strips - Nasara Quick Strips, SpiderTech PowerStrips
  • packs or boxes of precut edema strips in a variety of widths and lengths - Nasara, Kinesio and RockTape