Ares Tape Introductory Special!

Buy any 2 rolls of Ares Tape and receive a free 115 page Ares Taping Guide with illustrated taping instructions for over 90 injuries and health conditions. A $12.99 value, free with the purchase of 2 rolls! (Limit 1 per order)

Free Ares Taping Guide Offer

Instruction Manuals & DVDs

Kinesiology Taping Instruction Manuals and DVDs

Kinesiology Taping Instruction for all Levels

Need help learning how to apply kinesiology tape? Depending on your background, there are a variety of resources that can provide explanations of how kinesiology tape works, types of kinesiology taping applications, and step-by-step instructions showing exactly how to apply kinesiology tape for a wide variety of sports injuries and health conditions. Some are generic, while others are produced by tape manufacturers, but regardless of the source of the resources, the instructions can be used with any type and brand of kinesiology tape. The degree of complexity varies widely from resource to resource. Be sure to read the overviews, so you can select the items best suited for you, based on your background and the type of taping you will be doing.