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Kinesio Precut Starter Kit
More Arriving Soon - Available to Order
More Arriving Soon - Available to Order
Price: $299.99
Sale: $199.99
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The Kinesio Precut Starter Kit includes 10 each of the 6 Precut Kinesio Tape applications - Foot, Knee, Back, Neck, Shoulder and Wrist. The kit includes a handy 8" x 20" display box, perfectly sized for a counter, display case or table top. The 3" x 7" foil packets stand upright in individual slots, creating an eye-catching display. The Precut KinesioTape Starter Kit is ideal for either clinical use or resale settings.Kit includes:

Kinesio Precut Foot (10)
Designed to treat plantar fasciitis, foot and arch pain, and to provide support to the arch of the foot

Kinesio Precut Knee (10)
Designed to treat knee pain and inflammation from conditions such as runner's knee, jumper's knee and cyclist's knee, as well as to provide support to the knee and patella (kneecap)

Kinesio Precut Back (10)
Designed to treat lower back pain, stiffness and spasms, from injuries or overuse, including such conditions as sciatica, lumbago degenerative disc disease

Kinesio Pre-Cut Neck (10)
Designed to treat neck pain, spasms or inflammation caused by overuse, muscle strains, ligament sprains or herniated discs

Kinesio Pre-Cut Shoulder (10)
Designed to relieve pain and inflammation from shoulder or rotator cuff injuries, as well as to provide support for the shoulder muscles during exercise or activity

Kinesio Pre-Cut Wrist (10)
Designed relieve wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains or strains, as well as to provide comfortable wrist support without restricting range of motion.

Save $70 over the Cost of Purchasing all 60 Applications Individually!