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Rock Sauce Skin Prep and Pain Relieving Liniment

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Skin Prep and Pain Relieving Liniment all in One!

RockSauce is the only topical pain reliever designed for use with kinesiology tape. Athletes and trainers love the nanosac technology that allows the analgesic liniment to penetrate right through the tape into aching muscles. But, the Rock Sauce formula also has another unique distinction - it can be used as a skin preparation product prior to taping.

Instead of cleaning the skin with rubbing alcohol or other astringents, just rub in a small amount of RockSauce, then wipe and apply your tape. The RockSauce creates a perfect base for your kinesiology tape application. That soothing icy-hot sensation will kick in immediately and last for 1-2 hours. When you need a top-up, simply apply dime-sized dollops of RockSauce every 2-3 inches along the surface of the tape. Rub it into the tape and surrounding skin to reignite the flame.

Rock Sauce contains a powerful formulation of 20% methyl salicylate, 10% menthol and .3% capsicum - the maximum amount allowed in non-prescription products. It was also carefully formulated to comply with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) guidelines, making it both safe and effective for athletes of the highest caliber.

The first thing you feel after applying Rock Sauce is a cooling sensation, followed by an increasing warmth that penetrates deeply into aching muscles. Its non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, providing rapid relief to painful muscles and joints.

Instructions for Use

  1. Rub Rock Sauce into stiff, sore or injured muscles.
  2. Wipe area with a paper towel to remove any excess liniment.
  3. Apply kinesiology tape.
  4. As needed, apply dime-sized dollops of RockSauce every 3" along the surface of the tape. Rub into the tape and surrounding skin.


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