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SpiderTech Gentle Precut Upper Back and Postural Tape

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  • SpiderTech Gentle Precut Upper Back Kinesio Tape
  • SpiderTech Gentle Stratagel Adhesive
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SpiderTech Gentle has been developed especially for individuals with sensitive or fragile skin, including infants and seniors. Its patented new "Stratagel" adhesive is latex-free, hypoallergenic and applied to soft, breathable cotton material.

SpiderTech's Upper Back/Postural Spider is a precut kinesiology tape for the muscles below the neck and between the shoulder blades. It relieves pain, inflammation and spasms in the muscles used to retract the shoulders and promote good posture. When these muscles are weak, fatigued or imbalanced, they contribute to a "round shouldered" posture. Strain or overuse of these muscles can lead to painful spasms and "hot spots" between the shoulder blades. This precut upper back tape can contribute to improved upper back strength and more upright posture in individuals with weakness or poor muscle tone in this area. The Upper Back Spider also works well in combination with the Shoulder Spider for certain types of shoulder pain or injuries.


Instruction Video - Spider Tech Pre-Cut Upper Back Tape


Additional Information - SpiderTech Gentle Precut Upper Back Tape

What Makes SpiderTech Gentle Different?

SpiderTech Gentle for Sensitive Skin

Standard kinesiology tape adhesive is applied in a wave or plow pattern, creating alternating areas of adhesive and no adhesive. Each adhesive segment grips firmly to the surface of the skin, creating a pressure differential between the segments. While most people find this type of adhesive very comfortable, individuals with sensitive skin may experience irritation as the ridges of adhesive exert their pull on the skin. Individuals with thin, fragile skin may also experience loss of cells from the skin’s surface when the tape is removed, contributing to skin breakdown or abrasions.

The new Stratagel™ adhesive in all SpiderTech Gentle products is completely different. It incorporates a soft, gel-like, adhesive that completely covers the back of the tape. When applied to the skin, it lays smoothly over the entire skin surface. Because the surface is solid, the tape is still able to maintain its grip, but there are no ridges to pull and irritate skin and hair follicles. SpiderTech Gentle also removes easily with little or no irritation or damage to skin cells during removal. 

Upper Back/Postural SpiderTape Benefits

Treatable Conditions

  • Relieves acute and chronic upper back pain
  • Reduces pain/stiffness between the shoulder blades
  • Relieves muscle spasms, hot spots, trigger points
  • Relieves strain and fatigue in upper back muscles
  • Provides continuous stimulation to maintain better posture for up to 5 days
  • Provides postural support without binding
  • Enhances strength in upper back area by restoring normal muscle activation
  • Works with Shoulder Spider to accelerate recovery after shoulder or rotator cuff surgery
  • upper back pain and inflammation
  • poor posture, rounded shoulders
  • stiffness, spasms or pain related to overuse or prolonged poor posture
  • weak upper back muscles
  • scapular stabilization

Product Specifications

Additional Resources

Colors: Black, Blue, Pink and Beige

Adhesives: Regular and Gentle

Sizes: One size fits most (5'2" - 6'3")

Packaging: One single-use application per package

Durability: Can be worn up to 5 days
Adheres through sweating, swimming or showering
Not recommended for hot tub or sauna

*Please read Application Tips Page carefully and follow
instructions to obtain maximum application time and durability.

About SpiderTech Gentle

Printable Application Instructions

Application Instruction Video

About SpiderTech Tape

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