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SpiderTech Precut Calf, Arch and Achilles Tape

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  • SpiderTech Calf and Arch Spider
  • SpiderTech Calf Spider
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The SpiderTech Calf & Arch Spider is a pre-cut kinesiology tape for the lower leg, Achilles tendon and sole of the foot. It relieves pain, inflammation and spasms in the calf muscles, Achilles tendon, plantar fascia and structures of the foot. The elastic properties of the Calf and Arch Spider allow it to provide pain relief and support while still allowing full range of motion. This allows many individuals with calf or foot injuries to remain active, preventing the loss of strength and mobility that often occurs after taking time off due to an injury. The Calf & Arch Spider can be used for either acute or chronic conditions, and is also an excellent therapeutic tool for individuals recovering from surgery.

The light weight and flexibility of kinesiology tape makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. Each application can be worn for up to 5 days, providing ongoing therapeutic benefits 24/7 for the entire time it is worn.

Instruction Video - Spider Tech Calf and Arch Tape


Additional Information - Spider Tech Calf, Arch & Achilles Tape

Calf & Arch SpiderTape Benefits

Treatable Conditions

  • Relieves pain from achilles, calf and foot injuries
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation from Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, etc.
  • Relieves fatigue in overused muscles
  • Provides protection during healing from injuries
  • Improves strength and contractility of injured muscles
  • Provides support without restricting range of motion
  • Improves strength in weak or poorly-toned muscles
  • Accelerates recovery and return to activity following Achilles or foot surgery
  • strained or pulled calf muscles
  • achilles tendinitis
  • Achilles tendon enthesopathy
  • plantaris tear or rupture
  • calf or foot cramps/spasms
  • plantar fascitis, fallen arches, foot pain
  • posterior shin splints
  • muscle, ligament or tendon injuries to the calf or foot
  • recovery from Achilles or foot surgery

Product Specifications

Additional Resources

Colors: Black, Blue, Pink and Beige

Adhesives: Regular and Gentle

Sizes: One size fits most (5'2" - 6'3")

Packaging: One single-use application per package

Durability: Can be worn up to 5 days
Adheres through sweating, swimming or showering
Not recommended for hot tub or sauna

*Please read Application Tips Page carefully and follow
instructions to obtain maximum application time and durability.

Printable Application Instructions

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